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Battle of Lancaster Kentucky
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print and mail to below adress

4th Annual Battle of Lancaster

July 27, 28, 29th 2012

Registration Form


$5 per person / $20 per sutler pre-registration paid by June 1st is required in order to receive amenities. Make checks payable to: Battle of Lancaster Committee  Mail registration form and payment to:

Byron Teater

Battle of Lancaster

103 York St

Lancaster, KY 40444


Name              _____________________________ Rank____________


Unit Name      ______________________________________________


Address          ______________________________________________


City                 ________________ State ____________ Zip ________


E-mail             _____________________________________________


Contact Name __________________ Contact Number __________

Type of Portrayal (circle all that apply)

Confederate               Union              Civilian           Sutler

Infantry          Artillery          Cavalry          Medical          


Sutlery Name _________________________________________


Types of items you sell: ____________________________________


By attending and participating in this encampment, I recognize that there are risks attendant to this activity, including, but not limited to, open campfires, handling and use of black powder, discharge of small arms and cannons. The risk of injury attendant to movement of large groups of people, the presence and use of horses and/or other animals and risks associated with primitive camping. I hereby assume any and all risks occasioned by my presence and/or participation in any and all activities in anyway related to the encampment. I further agree to release and hold harmless the City of Lancaster, Battle of Lancaster Committee, , and the Lancaster United Methodist Church, Garrard County Goverenment, and Garrard County Fairgrounds their agents, assigns, members, employees, directors and officers from any and all claims for property damage or personal injury of any kind, no matter how incurred, sustained during my presence and/or participation at the encampment or while on their properties.

I also agree to assign the City of Lancaster, Battle of Lancaster Committee, Lancaster United Methodist Church or its assigns, the rights to use my image in recorded photographic images of the event without restriction and do hereby waive all rights to compensation for same.

I further understand that this event is by registration and that I have read and understand all of the event rules and any violation of those rules will result in a revocation of registration and, as a result, I can be evicted from the event without notice or reimbursement of registration fees.



Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________________

List names of minor children less than 18 years of age:

1st Annual Battle of Lancaster

July 29, 30, 31, 2011Event Rules and Regulations


All event participants must adhere to the following rules:


1.    Paid pre-registration must be in by May 1 2011 to receive amenities.

2.    The hosts reserve the right to disallow any item, person, or activity deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

3.    In the event of a dispute, the final decision will be with the Battle of Lancaster Organizers.

4.    Please keep all non-period items undercover during the time that camp is open to the public.

5.    For safety reasons, children must be supervised at all times.

6.    No live ammunition. Bayonets will be fixed only on the order of the Commanding General. Ramrods may be carried but not used.

7.    Each Commander is responsible for the authenticity of dress, weapons, and gear, and the safety of their unit.

8.    Minimum age to carry a weapon is 16 years old.

9.    Campsites will be set up according to period regulations. All campfire safety precautions are to be followed

the event coordinators reserve the right to disallow any person or unit from attending the event that the coordinators/board feel may be disruptive, may act in any way inappropriate, or may have a negitive impact on the event, the coordinators, and or it's guests.

10/. If you don not pre registrar you will not recive anything including food if we run out. All pre registared will get goodies first!